Eat Right: Food Systems Approach Textbook

Eat Right: Food Systems Approach is a textbook which provides a holistic view of food system to bring out clearly interconnected issues of food safety, nutrition, environment and climate change and livelihoods, this textbook is targeted at students pursuing higher studies in food-related areas.

Foreword by - Ms Rita Teaotia, Former Chairperson FSSAI

Preface by Mr Pawan Agarwal &
Dr Pulkit Mathur

List of Contributors


Section 1: Setting the Context

Section 2: Eat Safe

Section 3: Eat Healthy

Section 4: Eat Sustainable

Section 5: Coordination, Partnerships & Emerging Issues


Chapter 1: India Vision 2050

Chapter 2: Eating Right - The Mahatma's Way

Chapter 3: Eat Right India: An Overview

Chapter 4: Large Scale Change & System Leadership

Chapter 5: Historical & Global Context

Chapter 6: Understanding Food Hazards

Chapter 7: Safe Food at Primary Production Stage

Chapter 8: Food Safety Law: Safe Food From Farm Gate to Plate

Chapter 9: Safe Food Everywhere

Chapter 10: Food Safety Risk by Food Categories

Chapter 11: Regulatory Food Testing Ecosystem

Chapter 12: Poor Diet & Its Consequences

Chapter 13: Healthy Diets for All

Chapter 14: Healthy Diets Everywhere

Chapter 15: Lifecycle Approach to Healthy Diets

Chapter 16: Influence of Taste and Other Sensory Perceptions on Food Choices

Chapter 17: Social & Behavioural Change for Improving Health Outcomes

Chapter 18: Food Ecosystem & Sustainability

Chapter 19: Approaches to a Sustainable Food System

Chapter 20: Coordination & Partnerships

Chapter 21: New Trends in the Food Sector & Emerging Food Safety Issues