Food Literacy Academy

The foundation is engaged in capacity building through training adopting an AGILE blended learning mode. It would offer three types of courses – 

  1. School Food Counselors Certificate – To build food literacy skills among school children, it covers 5 themes revolving around food covering 3 stages starting from nursery to class 8. The 5 themes are – 1) Food Around Us, 2) Food Preparation, Safety, and Hygiene, 3) Food, Nutrition and Health, 4) Food Habits and Lifestyle, and 5) Food and Our Planet
  2. Certificate in Ayurveda Nutrition – In partnership with the Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India and top Ayurveda Institutes, this course is planned as a bridge course between modern nutrition & Ayurveda nutrition. It would offer add-on professional certificate for practicing dieticians 
  3. Certificate in Special Areas – Various special short courses are being planned such as Healthy Oils, Taste & Flavor, Miracle Micronutrient, Proteins, Whole Grains, and other important areas. 
 Partners: FoodTech Pathshala and ManageSmart