India Food System Vision 2030 Report


The impact of poor diets and unsafe food on human health is well understood. However, the environmental consequences of the way we produce our food are not well understood. Rising hunger, unsafe food and malnutrition in all its forms are most serious threats to global health. 


Our current food production system is driving the degradation of the natural environment – soil, water and air quality, biodiversity loss and climate change – and dangerously undermining our future well-being. Food systems have huge implications on livelihoods of a large number of people and hence consequences for inclusiveness as well. 


The UN Food System Summit 2021 had resolved the food systems must work towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 in three fundamental areas, namely –

1. People“Nourishing Everyone for Health and Wellbeing.”

2. Planet“Producing in Harmony with Nature.”

3. Prosperity“Inclusive, Transformative and Equitable Recovery for the 2030 Agenda.”


Given its complexity, it is recognised that the above challenges of our food systems cannot be addressed in a top-down, pre- planned, and linear fashion. Instead, the solutions require all key constituencies and its stakeholders to change the way they operate. It must begin with developing a shared vision that takes into account multiple perspectives of many stakeholders and steer a positive narrative for change and then propel and promote change. 


It must build linkages to showcase and learn from experiences of others to drive continuous improvements, build excitement and commitment for change. This requires a systems approach to develop action-oriented roadmap for countries looking to accelerate and scale inclusive innovation that meet the needs of all stakeholders in the food system and support countries to invest in their capability to innovate.


Vision Report for 2030:

On this backdrop, the Food Future Foundation, a non-profit organisation from India jointly with the support of CII-Food and Agriculture Centre of Excellence and the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) undertook an India-centric exercise of developing ‘India Food System Vision Report 2030’. The Vision 2030 Report looks deeper into various facets of food systems keeping in mind that our people are adequately fed but at the same time environmental systems and processes are pushed beyond safe boundaries of food production. 


While serving these purposes it was ensured that the vision that the experts and stakeholders would like to see in 2030 has to be positive, inspiring and motivational to excite the stakeholders to initiate actions. The vision and pathways have been devised in such manner that they are actionable and concrete. They are also inspiring and motivational so as to excite the stakeholders to take action. 


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