Food Literacy Alliance

India is in the middle of an epidemic of rising obesity, diabetes, undernutrition, and other diet-related diseases. Six out of ten diseases are a result of poor diets, posing a greater risk of mortality and morbidity than unsafe sex, alcohol, drug, and tobacco use combined. Children are worst affected. Eating disorders are on the rise. There is growing childhood obesity and chronic diseases are seen early in life than before. 


The main cause for the above is that the food people eat is less diverse and of poor quality. We must ensure that there is no over-reliance on any select food. Some people may benefit from reducing the amount of certain food they eat, but there is no need to completely eliminate anything from our diets. Food that we eat must also be sustainably produced. Its impact on the environment, biodiversity, soil quality, and greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced. Overall, people must build a positive relationship with food and develop food literacy skills right from their childhoods.


In the above context, the Food Future Foundation has established a Food Literacy Alliance (FLA), a multi-stakeholder alliance to build a food literate society in India. Its flagship programme is on foundational food literacy in schools in India. 


For more details please visit Food Literacy Alliance.