Indian Food Industry Benchmarking Report 2022


Based on the toolkit and framework developed by Food Foundation (UK) and the World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA), the Food Future Foundation undertook an exercise to benchmark over 50 food and agriculture businesses in India. For this exercise, the data was collected for 45 pre-defined indicators (12 Environmental, 24 Social, 3 Governance & Strategy, and 6 Nutrition) that feed into a pre-established scoring methodology developed for the 2021 World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA)’s Food & Agriculture benchmark and used by The Food Foundation for the last four years to benchmark the food industry in the UK.


The Exercise

The data has been will be captured from disclosures publicly available on the company’s website and include sustainability reports, integrated reports, policies and statements, press releases, etc. Data collection and analysis for this have been done by SG Analytics, a market leader in ESG data and analytics services.  

A total of 53 companies were included in this exercise. This included 38 publicly listed companies and 15 private companies. While, half of these companies (26) were food and beverage manufacturers, agriculture input companies (7), food retailers (4), agriculture products and commodities (9), dairy and animal protein (4), and food-service companies (3) have also been included in this report. This provides an overview of the entire food and agriculture landscape of the country.   

The exercise clearly shows that the disclosures of companies in the Indian food industry are still in the process of maturing. The key findings of this report are that the top-ranking companies scored well across the board, showing their maturity with respect to ESG and nutritional disclosures in the Indian context. Further, while the Food & Beverage (F&B) Manufacturers/ Processors segment showed a wide range in scores, the disclosures amongst the top-ranking F&B Manufacturer/Processors segment are the best in the industry. The overall best scoring companies showing the most robust disclosures also came from the F&B Manufacturers/Processors segment.
Please see the full report and presentation on the key findings. 

Way Forward

As a way forward, the Food Future Foundation is partnering with CII-FACE for building capacity for benchmarking through sensitization programmes and workshops and promoting benchmarking practices and recognizing role models in India.

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